Health and Wellness

Blueberries have been used for centuries by the individuals that settled here on NL soil. They were particularly known to help ease the symptoms of digestive disorders. These berries were also believed to strengthen the immune system to fight off awful colds that often came with the winter season. Since then, there has been significant medical research completed on the overall benefits that fall hand in hand with the consumption of this particular fruit. This link will walk you through exactly how the fruit provides us with overall health benefits. You will be surprised when you discover the factual link between this old “belief” and today’s scientific proof that blueberries enhance our immune systems. Please leave your comments below if you found this link helpful. Enjoy!




Have Kids?

Feel free to visit the link below and help them understand how exactly blueberries help them grow up to be strong! This link outlines the basic nutritional value of blueberries as it enforces the many positive ways they help the human body. The webpage is designed in a kid friendly manner which inclines their interest level. In relation to Folklore, it elaborates on the ways blueberries were once used in traditional medicine. It is recognized that this berry can be used to ease flu symptoms and strengthen immune systems. Feel free to leave a comment or question below!

A Little Piece of Folklore.


Here is a fun and creative video produced by The Puppy Mcpooch Show (2013). The videographer captures the true image of the blueberries that grow here in Newfoundland and Labrador. The video even speaks of some “insider” Folklore as the narrator explains that the people of NL will advise you to wait for the first frost before picking the also popular patridge berry! Press play to watch the full video!

The Basics: How can you find your own Newfoundland and Labrador blueberries?

The wait for ripened blueberries usually extends into the final months of summer here in NL. It varies each year depending on the overall climate of the season. Personally, I can recall picking blueberries as early as July with my childhood friends. However I also have fond memories of filling up my grandparents buckets with blueberries every labor day weekend when they would collect their supply for the year.

Being in a boreal forest, these are not the only berries that are inherent to the island. There are seasons for picking blackberries, partridgeberries, cranberries, and even crackerberries. The link below expands on one particular Newfoundland trail that outlines an approximate schedule for local and visiting berry pickers alike. Enjoy!


It starts with the blueberries. Where do they grow ? When do they grow? Who harvests these little bitty treats that are capable of dressing up any recipe? Full of flavor, these berries are famous for their impeccable ability to make our taste buds explode. The Blueberries that grow here in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador have a worldwide reputation. They grow naturally in open fields, they flourish the riverbanks and walking trails, and can be found in small patches or large crops that support the products of many food brands such as Purity.

This blog will introduce you to this wonderful fruit and all of its uses. It may become a part of your favorite breakfast, or a miracle home remedy. Explore the importance and history of blueberries here in NL by clicking the attached link. This will provide an overview of the way Newfoundlanders and Labradorians adapt such a small berry in such big ways!